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What we are doing?

The future of omnichannel

Discovery e-commerce from reality

Shopthelook wants to be proposed primarily on the
business of fashion e-commerce as a visual search
engine for products in a unified catalog aggregating
different e-commerce, and powered by artificial
intelligence/augmented reality.
Shopthelook wants to become a unified identity card
for fashion customers, fed from A.I. and machine
learning used on the online markets.
Shoppers can also easily compile their checkout on
the e-commerce partners, using their Shopthelook
account and avoiding to create a new account or
enter credit card information every time.


Most of social media users aren’t following celebrities, macro or micro-influencers. They’re following their friends, family members, coworkers, and classmates. Many people simply don’t care enough to pay attention to what a Kardashian wears or what Chiara Ferragni has eaten. They care about themselves and the people they know and love. That’s it. But the fashion market is fueled by envy, and the nano influencers are the future of marketing. Nano influencers are billions personas, and they walks around the street, or are sitting near you in the office. They could be unaware and very cheap (also free) marketers but very efficient for your brand.

Shopthelook wants to create a database of users who look, love and shop clothes online, inspired by people walking around.

ShopTheLook wants to solve the problem of shyness asking a stranger:

“where did you buy that hat?”

Who we are?

We are a team of problem solvers, out of the box thinkers, and we damn love what we do. 

Who support us?

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We are rising.